Friday, December 4, 2015

Ah, those borders...Chiping, Scratching and Rouding, oh, my !!!

Probably found in a shoebox with a rubber band around them
The cards look like a typical set stored in a shoe box.  They show the normal war and tear and rounding that you would expect from a card collected by a "real kid" in 1971.  With 100% certainty I can tell you that no kid in my neighborhood had "mint" (PSA10) cards.  The minute you opened the pack and sorted them the borders began chipping and the corners began rounding.  If you played with them using colors or flipped them they would probably look like the cards in this picture.  When I see a mint card I have to believe that it was bought/owned by a collector who had some sort of vision into the future or some anal geek who wore rubber gloves and never scuffed his knees.  The cards pictured here could easily be mine.  Maybe mine were in better condition, but certainly not perfect.

Closeup view of a typical kid's card in 1971

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