Friday, December 4, 2015

Horizontal vs Vertical

To the best of my knowledge 1971 was the first year, since 1960 to see the return of the horizontal card.  In 1960, the full set was set in horizontal or landscape mode.  In 1971 it was used to show extended action shots.  Probably the most iconic action shot in the set was the Thurman Munson card picturing dust flying and a close play at the plate.  The pre-mustachioed Munson still looked like a cool tough guy guarding his domain.  Even Yankee haters had to like Munson.  He was a man's man who took no prisoners.  This was at the beginning of his great career that was shortened by a plane crash that would occur 8 short years later.

As I said before, I'm not a fan of the horizontal mode.  It doesn't look good in an album.  It didn't look good coming out of the wax wrapper and today 44 years later it doesn't look good when displayed on a game screen while I'm playing Action Baseball.  For this project I'm going to have to take all the horizontal card views and turn them vertical.  At times I'll use a new picture and other times I might be able to use the original (see below).  Since Munson's face is visible I'm going to use it, but on other action shots, where you just see the body I'll use alternate pictures.

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